Frequently Asked Questions


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What are the requirements to join the program?

Personal Peso / Dollar Savings or Checking Account with minimum month-to-date average daily balance (MTD ADB) of P100,000 / US$2,000

How will members be informed of the new program?

Once qualified, the BDO Rewards Welcome Kit of Emerald and Sapphire members is sent to the client’s address. The Welcome Kit contains the BDO Rewards Card and all other relevant program information.

For Diamond members, the card will be sent to his branch of account. The Branch Manager will deliver the Welcome Kit to the member personally.

What do members have to do when they receive their Welcome Kit?

First, they have to activate their BDO Rewards card.  Members can activate their card in two ways: 

a. Via Website
Note:  The default PIN is the member's month and year of birth indicated in our records.  For example, if the member was born on January 1970, the default PIN is “0170”. 
For their added security, members should change their default PIN after activation.
b. Via SMS
BDOR<space>AC<space>Last 8 digits of the 
BDO Rewards card number<space>4-digit PIN
Send to 2256
Example:  BDOR AC 16076180 0984


c. Via BDO Rewards Call Center Hotline  

For members residing:

        a. in Metro Manila: (02) 631-8000

        b. in Provinces within the Philippines:

            PLDT: 1-800-10-631-8000
            Digitel: 1-800-3-631-8000
            Globe Landline 1-800-8-631-8000
            Bayantel 1-800-5-631-8000

        c. Overseas - For clients based abroad, they can activate using our International Toll-free Hotline Numbers: (Int'l Access Code) +800-8-631-8000

Countries Contact Number
Australia   0011-800-8-631-8000
Austria Netherlands 00-800-8-631-8000
Belgium New Zealand
Cyprus Norway
France Spain
Germany Switzerland
Ireland United Kingdom
Malaysia Taiwan
Brazil   0021-800-8-631-8000
Canada USA 011-800-8-631-8000
Greece   00800-6312-0018
Guam   800-0630-0021
Hong Kong Singapore 001-800-8-631-8000
Korea Thailand
Israel   000-800-8-631-8000
Italy   800-872-390
Japan   010-800-8-631-8000
Saudi Arabia   800-863-0011


Second, they need to complete and submit their Member Data Update Form (MDUF) at any of the member's branch of account.


What are the advantages of being a BDO Rewards member?
To view the Program’s Perks and Privileges per tier, click here.

The BDO Rewards Card

How long is a Member's Card vaild?

Cards are valid for two (2) years and validity date can be determined by the "valid thru" date printed on the card. This provides for efficient management of program tier upgrading and downgrading and avoids abuse or misuse of perks and privileges.

Emerald Cards processed in April 2016, will now have a validity date. Existing Emerald Cards (with no validity date) is processed during renewal.

Can both clients of a Joint Account get a card each?

No, only the Primary Account holder will be issued a BDO Rewards Card.

Will clients owning multiple bank products/ accounts be issued several BDO Rewards cards also?

No, clients are only assigned one Client Information File (CIF) for all his availed bank products and services. Because of this, only one BDO Rewards membership number is assigned per client.

However, clients can earn points from ALL their qualified bank transactions provided that they meet the requirements of each.

What if the other client (the one that was not given a card in the joint account) has another BDO account, can he join the program?

Yes, provided that the client meets the membership requirements.

Is the BDO Rewards Card a credit card?

No. The BDO Rewards Card works like a cash card which stores the free shopping points earned by a BDO Rewards member from his/her qualified BDO products and transactions. Similar to SM Advantage, members can also earn points for their purchases at The SM Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, SM retail establishments and other BDO Rewards partners. When a member has earned at least 20 points, the BDO Rewards Card may be used to shop for free in any of the SM stores and its affiliates.

How can a member activate his card?
  1. Via SMS

    Text the following syntax:
        BDOR<space>AC<space>Last 8 digits of the Rewards card number<space>
        4-digit PIN
        Then send to 225600 
        Example:  BDOR AC 01234567 0876

  2. Via BDO Rewards Call Center

    For members residing:

    1. in Metro Manila: (02) 8631-8000
    2. in Provinces within the Philippines: Domestic Toll-free:
      1-800-10-631-8000 (PLDT)
      1-800-3-631-8000 (Digitel)
      1-800-8-631-8000 (Globe Landline)
      1-800-5-631-8000 (Bayantel)
    3. Overseas - Clients based abroad can activate using our International Toll-free Hotline Numbers: (Int'l Access Code)+800-8-631-8000.
      Country Access Code Foreign Administrator
      1. Australia 0011 OPTUS | TELSTRA
      2. Austria 00 TELEKOM AUSTRIA
      3. Belgium 00 BELGACOM
      4. Brazil 0021 EMBRATEL
      5. Canada 011 TELEGLOBE
      6. Cyprus 00 CYTA
      7. France 00 FRANCE TELECOM
      8. Germany 00 DTAG
      9. Hawaii 011 GTE HAWAIIAN TEL CO.
      10. Hongkong 001 REACH HK
      11. Israel 00 BEZEQ
      12. Italy 00 TELECOM ITALIA
      13. Japan 010 JAPAN TELECOM | KDD | NTT
      14. Korea 001 KOREA TELECOM
      15. Malaysia 00 TELECOM MALAYSIA
      16. Netherlands 00 KPN INTL
      17. Newe Zealand 00 TNZL
      18. Norway 00 TELENOR
      19. Singapore 001 SINGTEL
      20. Spain 00 TELEFONICA
      21. Switzerland 00 SWISSCOM
      22. Taiwan 00 CHUNGWA TELECOM
      23. Thailand 001 CAT
      24. UK 00 BT | C&W
      25. USA 011 AT&T | MCI | SPRINT
      International Toll-free Numbers
      Country Toll-free Number
      1. Greece 00800-6312-0018
      2. Guam 800-0630-0021
      3. Saudi Arabia 800-863-0011
      4. Italy 800-872-390
      5. UAE 800-0630-0021


3. Via BDO Website



Click HERE.

Why is it important to activate the BDO Rewards card?

Upon receipt of card, the first step is to activate the card. Activation will enable loading of points earned from qualified bank transactions, continuous earning of points, points redemption and renewal of card. New members are given twelve (12) months to activate from date of card issuance. Failure to do so will result to forfeiture of points earned.

What if I forgot my PIN?

Please request for card activation and PIN reset assistance via either channel:

a. Call the BDO Rewards Hotline and speak to our Customer Support Officers:

02-631-8000 (BDO Call Center, Metro Manila toll-free)
1-800-10-631-8000 (Domestic Toll Free)
(1-Area Code)+800-8-631-8000 (BDO Call Center, Provincial and International toll-free) OR

b. Visit your BDO Branch of Account

Membership Levels

How will a member be assigned to a specific level when he qualifies to the program?

Qualification Scheme/Tier Assignment for 1st time members:

Emerald Card

  1. At least Php100,000 Peso/Dollar Savings or Checking Account


Sapphire Card

  1. At least Php250,000 Peso/Dollar Savings or Checking Account


Diamond Card

  1. At least Php5 Million Peso/Dollar Savings or Checking Account


How will their membership level be determined after the 2-year validity period?

The membership level will be determined by the total points earned in the first 2 years of membership.

Emerald: 1 to 2,499 points
Sapphire: 2,500 to 9,999 points
Diamond: 10,000 points and above

Can a member be upgraded to the next membership level before the 2-year card renewal schedule?

Yes. At any time during the 24-month period, a member may be upgraded to a higher membership tier as soon as he reaches the required points of the higher tier. In this case, a new card shall be issued.

Will redeeming points affect the points required to maintain or be upgraded to the next level?

No, redeeming of points will not affect the points required to reach the next level. Neither will it result to downgrading of tier level.

Is it possible for a member to be downgraded?

Yes, it is possible for a member to be downgraded if the points earned within 2 years do not meet the required number of points to stay within that tier.

Would transferred points from my SM Advantage Card to my BDO Rewards Card be considered in determining my membership level the following year?

No, all points transfered from your SM Advantage Card will not be considered. Points earned from non-SM partners are also not considered for determining membership level but can be used for redemption purposes. Membership level determination is limited to points earned with the BDO Rewards Card only.

Redeeming Points

What is the value of a point?

1 point is equal to P1.00.

Do points expire?

Yes, points expire after five years. For example, unredeemed or unused points, earned in 2012, will expire on 2017.

Where can members redeem points?

Members may redeem their points to pay for purchases at any branch of The SM Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, and SM retail establishments and partners.

Is there a minimum amount required to redeem at SM?

Yes, members must redeem at least P20.00 per transaction.

Points Redemption Procedure for Branches with No SM Malls

For members whose branch of account, as identified in BDO Rewards records, is located in an area with no SM Malls or SM retail affiliates (Non - SM branch) and do not wish to avail of items featured in promotional catalogues, redemption of points shall be accommodated as follows:

  1. Credit to member's preferred personal Current Account/Savings Account (CA/SA). Crediting to a third party account is not allowed.
  2. If member has no existing CA/SA (e.g client wuth BDO Credit Card only), BOA shall encourage member/client to open an account, where his BDO Rewards points shall be credited.
  3. If member is not willing to open a CA/SA, a BDO Gift Check (BDO GC) shall be issued instead. Redemption via BDO GC shall be through a member's linked BOA only. (The BDO GC is issued Free of charge)

Card Replacement

How can members replace lost or damaged cards?

To replace a lost or damaged card, members must call the BDO Rewards Hotline. Click HERE.

Is there a card replacement fee?

Yes. The fee for card replacement is P150.00 or 150 points. Members have the option of using their points to pay for the fee. Replacement fee for Sapphire and Diamond is waived.

How do you pay for the replacement fee?

Members have the option of paying the fee in cash through a BDO branch or through available points balance by calling the BDO Rewards Call Center.


Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor.