Corporate Governance

Trust Committee



  • Reviews and approves transactions between trust and/or fiduciary accounts, accepts and closes trust and other fiduciary accounts, and approves the investment, reinvestment and disposition of funds or property.
  • Evaluates trust and other fiduciary accounts at least once a year.
  • Reviews the Trust and Investment Group’s overall performance, profile of funds and assets under its management, industry position, and the risk management reports.
  • Approves offering of new products and services, establishment and renewal of lines and limits with financial institutions, and investment outlets and counterparties.
  • Annually, the Committee evaluates the performance of the Trust Officer.



Dioscoro I. Ramos

Lead Independent Director


Christopher A. Bell-Knight

Non-Executive Director


Josefina N. Tan        

Non-Executive Director


Nestor V. Tan

Executive Director


Rafael G. Ayuste, Jr.

Trust Officer