Corporate Governance

Risk Management Committee



  • Is responsible for the development and oversight of the risk management program of the Bank. ▪ Is responsible for approving risk appetite levels, policies, risk tolerance limits. It defines the appropriate strategies for identifying, quantifying, managing and controlling risk exposures including preventing and/or minimizing the impact of losses when they occur.
  • Oversees the implementation and review of the risk management plan on an enterprise-wide basis including the system of limits of discretionary authority delegated by the Board of Directors to management and ensures immediate corrective actions when limits are breached.
  • Is also responsible for evaluating the continued relevance, comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the risk management framework.
  • Works with the Audit Committee in certifying in the Annual Report the adequacy of the Bank’s internal control and risk management systems.




Vicente S. Pèrez, Jr.

Independent Director


Dioscoro I. Ramos

Lead Independent Director


Nestor V. Tan

Executive Director



Christopher A. Bell-Knight


Jones M. Castro, Jr.


Vipul Bhagat

(Independent Advisor)