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BDO is the bank to trust when it comes to escrow services. We oversee business transactions to avoid risks and protect our clients' best interest. You can enjoy a successful and trouble-free buying or selling experience when you work with our Trust and Investments team.

Buying or selling a property or asset is a serious matter. You should always ensure your company’s safety and interest. Our team will act as a third party to facilitate transactions between you and your buyer or seller. Our escrow service will protect you from people who want to deceive you. With a reliable third party by your side, you can be sure that any transaction, whether it’s buying or selling, is legitimate.

How We Can Help
As your trusted escrow agent, BDO will act as a mediator between you and the buyer or seller. We’ll secure the items offered and the payment, along with the necessary documents, until you’re ready to complete the sale. This avoids confusion and misunderstanding, making the transaction successful and convenient for both parties.

Buy & Sell

Purchase or sell real estate properties, shares of stock of corporations or other kinds of assets with confidence.

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POEA Escrow Agency is an arrangement entered into by the POEA, BDO Trust and an employment agency.

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