Foreign Exchange

Over-the-Counter / Spot Purchase or Sale of Foreign Currency

Foreign exchange is the exchange of one currency for another, or the conversion of one currency into another currency.

Available Currencies are:
  1. Australian Dollar  (AUD)
  2. Canadian Dollar   (CAD)
  3. Swiss Franc  (CHF)
  4. Euro   (EUR)
  5. Great Britain Pound   (GBP)
  6. Hong Kong Dollar   (HKD)
  7. Singapore Dollar   (SGD)
  8. Japanese Yen   (JPY)
  9. Korean Won   (KRW)
  10. Philippine Peso   (PHP)
  11. Brunei Dollar   (BND)
  12. Bahrain Dinar   (BHD)
  13. Saudi Riyal   (SAR)
  14. Taiwan Dollar   (TWD)
  15. Thai Baht      (THB)
  16. Indonesian Rupiah   (IDR)
  17. Chinese Yuan Renminbi   (CNY)

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