SME Online Banking


Step 1: Check your Qualifications

● Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation
● Company is Filipino-Owned
● Company is not part of the Top 1000 companies in the Philippines
● Company is a non-financial institution
● Company does not have an existing credit line with BDO

Step 2: Prepare the Requirements

● Company Documents


● Accomplished Enrollment Forms

Step 3: Submit the Requirements and Enrollment Forms

Submit through any of the following channels:

● Your BDO Branch of Account

● CMS – SME Business Development

     Metro Manila Office: 7th Floor South Tower, BDO     
     Corporate Center, HV Dela Costa corner Makati  
     Avenue, Makati City

     Cebu Office: 9th Floor FLB Corporate Center, Ayala  
     Business Park, Cebu City

     Davao Office: 2nd Floor, 383 C.M. Recto Street, BDO
     Regional Office, Davao City