• Dollar Diversity Balanced Fund (USD Balanced)
    Purchase: 1.00343
    Redemption: 0.99340
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Dollar Diversity Growth Fund (USD Equity)
    Purchase: 1.02010
    Redemption: 1.00990
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Dollar Conservative Fund (Fixed Income)
    Purchase: 1.01879
    Redemption: 1.00860
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Dollar Standby Fund (Money Market)
    Purchase: 1.02770
    Redemption: 1.02770
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Peso Moderate Fund (Balanced)
    Purchase: 0.93273
    Redemption: 0.92340
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Peso Dragon Equity Fund (Equity)
    Purchase: 1.23909
    Redemption: 1.22670
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Peso Equity Index Fund (Equity)
    Purchase: 0.96192
    Redemption: 0.95230
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Peso Aggressive Fund (Equity)
    Purchase: 0.85111
    Redemption: 0.84260
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Peso Conservative Fund (Fixed Income)
    Purchase: 0.97798
    Redemption: 0.96820
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Peso Standby Fund (Money Market)
    Purchase: 1.03770
    Redemption: 1.03770
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Natixis Best of U.S. Sectors Fund
    Purchase: N/A
    Redemption: 938.77000
    as of Oct. 16, 2018
  • Global Brands Select Fund
    Purchase: N/A
    Redemption: 1,017.32000
    as of Oct. 16, 2018

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