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In partnership with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and other government agencies, BDO Foundation has developed videos on various financial literacy topics. Click on the thumbnails to view these videos.

Banking 101

Auring, a housewife who was previously unbanked, reaps the rewards of having a bank account.

Bente Bente

It’s never too early to start saving. This music video inspired by the folk song Pakitong Kitong teaches children ways they can save money.

Walk Hard for the Money

Grade five student Jeff works hard and saves his allowance, earnings and cash gifts to achieve a financial goal.

Kwento ni Mila Part One

Mila nurtures a relationship with co-teacher Gino as she shares lessons on saving, budgeting and financial planning.

Kwento ni Mila Part Two

Tips on managing debt, starting a business and avoiding scams are some of the key takeaways in this continuing story of Mila and Gino.

Save to Have a Million Junior Edition

Grade 11 student Brian answers financial literacy questions in a gameshow for a chance to win the grand prize.

Save to Have a Million Teacher Edition

Teacher Amy tests her financial literacy knowledge in a gameshow. Will she answer questions correctly and win P1 million?


Faced with scary situations, Teacher Amy makes the right decisions to avoid online, SMS, pyramiding and investment scams.

In a story inspired by real events, long-time teacher Lily achieves financial independence through business ventures and investments.

Ganda ni Girlie

A frugal and entrepreneurial grade nine student, Girlie comes up with creative ways to save money, earning the admiration of her schoolmates.

Umutang ay ‘Di Biro

Know the benefits of managing debt and the pitfalls of neglecting financial obligations in this music video inspired by the song Magtanim ay ‘Di Biro

OFW Ako: PDOS video

Sing the OFW Ako song and know the six PiTaKa tips in this music video for OWWA’s Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars.

OFW Ako: PAOS video

Learn how OFWs abroad can practice the six PiTaKa tips in this video for OWWA’s Post-Arrival Orientation Seminars.

What’s Your Choice?

An OFW family joins a gameshow and answers questions on how to manage remittances while prioritizing savings, education and investments.


An OFW’s dreams remain unfulfilled due to lifestyle inflation, overspending and excessive credit card debt.

Miss OFW Global

OFW pageant contestants from around the world share personal finance lessons in their own unique way.

Pamilya Pamarisan

One OFW family saves remittances, invests in a business and lives a simple life. The other overspends. Which OFW will return home sooner?

Debit o Credit?

Know when to use debit and credit cards, how to avoid compounding interest, how to improve credit history, and other tips in this music video.

Ma’am Amor

Model public servant Amor shares insights on online transactions, investments, insurance and retirement planning.

Pilipinas Survivors

Newly hired civil servants Tippy, Gus and Mar participate in a budgeting challenge. The finance savvy survivor who saves the most after a month wins the contest.

The Army Idols

New army recruits Dave, Jessica and Jun identify needs versus wants as they share tips on budgeting, debt management and online banking with their fellow soldiers.

Target Practice

Newly promoted officer Carlo levels up as he sets his sights on savings, investments and business opportunities.

Army Officer’s Surprise

A senior army officer and his wife accomplish their mission to achieve financial freedom with the support of their two children.

Dagat, Langit, Lupa 

Disciplined and financially responsible, Filipino soldiers work hard for the good of their families and countrymen. 

Message Sent 

A navy serviceman and a pilot exchange messages and insights on investing as they navigate the best course to their financial future. 

Old but Gold 

A seasoned master sergeant nearing retirement shares life lessons and financial advice with a young recruit.