About BDO Private Bank


Our Mission

Our purpose is to help clients meet their financial objectives.

Our goal is to be the best in what we do as individuals and as a firm.

Our ideas should be innovative yet appropriate for our clients’ needs.

Our executions shall be seamless.

Our service should be par excellence.

Our integrity will not be compromised.

We are BDO Private Bank.


Our Philosophy

We seek to preserve and enhance the value of our clients’ assets by achieving returns that outpace predefined market benchmarks.

We encourage diversification among asset classes and individual securities to mitigate price/market volatility. With these, we seek to grow and protect our clients’ wealth for the enjoyment of their successors and their heirs.

We customize investment strategies to address each client’s unique circumstances, as well as specific preferences for income, liquidity, and risk.

Where appropriate, we pursue cross-border investment opportunities to enhance returns and provide additional diversification.


Our Commitment

Our commitment to provide the best financial service to our clients requires us to be prudent in our design for financial solutions. We undertake to render proper due diligence, objective valuation, and full disclosure of material information. Through this process, we apply global standards in creating active markets for instruments we sponsor and offer to our clients.

Our product offerings are based on an open product architecture model, where clients are offered the best available products regardless of provider, an approach geared towards delivering the highest possible returns to each of our client groups.

In all these, we anchor our commitment on a solid base, a sound balance sheet, and a strong team of professionals.



  • Deliver high-value products and quality service
  • Offer innovative solutions to specific needs
  • Provide timely advice and investment/market information



  • Maximize return on investment
  • Manage our business with the highest professional, ethical, and moral standards
  • Pursue opportunities that improve shareholder value



  • Create a responsive environment that promotes teamwork
  • Recognize individual worth and contribution
  • Maintain and enhance the intellectual capital of our associates through rigorous and relevant training and education