Transaction Limits Advisory

Please be informed that effective September 8, 2017, the new daily transaction limits of your BDO Debit Card for ATM Withdrawals, Point Of Sale and Online Purchases are as follows:
ATM Withdrawals:  P 25,000.00
Online Purchases and Signature-based Point of Sale Transaction:  P 25,000.00  (combined limit) 
To request for an increase or decrease on these limits, please call our contact center at (02) 631-8000.
*Cash Card and One Network Bank (ONB) cards are not affected by these changes
*Point-Of-Sale refers to cashless purchase made at retail stores and other merchants done via a direct debit from your BDO card
*Point-Of-Sale Signature refers to POS payments where the transaction is validated through the client's signature on the merchant's transaction slip