Which UITF Is Best for You?


Which UITF is Best for you?

Life is full of changes. You could be going to college, starting a career, changing jobs, getting married, having children, growing a business or planning to retire. As you progress through these changes, you need to continuously review your financial goals and make sure you are on track on where you want to go.

Always ask yourself what you want to achieve. It is only when you have a clear vision of your goals that you can truly aim for them. Also, ask yourself when you want to achieve your goals. Knowing when you want to achieve your goals will help you identify your investment time horizon.

This is important because how much time you have to invest will determine the type of investments that can help you achieve your goals. There are a number of investment opportunities available to you at BDO. Remember that whatever you invest in, “the key to investing is time.”

Generally, funds that are invested for longer periods achieve higher returns but because of the tenure, such investments are exposed to the volatility of price movements and interest rates and thus, are riskier. On the other hand, funds that are invested for shorter periods are less volatile or risky. Therefore, you should determine the length of time you can afford to keep your funds invested and the amount of risk that you are willing to take to achieve your desired returns.

The BDO Money Market Funds (Peso and US Dollar) are suitable for investors who have moderate risk appetite and who value capital preservation and therefore prefer a short-term investment horizon. The BDO GS Fund and BDO Bond Funds (Peso and US Dollar) are also suitable for investors who are moderate and who have longer investment time horizons for investing in bonds and fixed income securities. The BDO Peso Balanced Fund and the various BDO equity funds are suitable for investors who have balanced and aggressive risk appetites respectively, and who understand the potential rewards and the risks of investing in equity markets and who are capable of staying invested for a long time.

Your fund managers invite you to review the product descriptions of the various BDO UITFs in this website. Thereafter, we invite you to visit any of our branches where prior to investing, our UITF marketing personnel will conduct a Client Suitability Assessment (CSA) to determine which UITF matches your investment objectives, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, preferences and experiences. We are certain that there will be one or more UITF/s that will provide the solution to your investment objective/s given your circumstances in life.