Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) Features


       • Confirmation of Participation ( COP)
       • Omnibus Participating Trust Agreement

Product Type
       • Trust Arrangement and not a Deposit

PDIC Coverage
       • Not insured with PDIC

       • Per BSP regulations, no indicative yields shall be quoted nor guaranteed
         to participants. Historical yields shall be used purely for reference only and
         should not guarantee future similar results. Income or loss is for the
         account of the investor.

Valuation Method
       • Mark-to-Market valuation

Investment Outlets
       • Bank deposits
       • Securities issued by or guaranteed by the Philippine government,
         or by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
       • Tradable securities issued by the government of a foreign country, any
          political subdivision of a foreign country or any supranational entity
       • Exchange-listed securities
       • Marketable securities traded in an organized exchange
       • Loans traded in an organized market
       • Financial derivatives instruments solely for the purpose of hedging risk
         exposure  of existing investments of the Fund

Investment Diversification Strategy
       • 15% exposure limit to any entity and its related parties. This limit
          does not apply to: 1) non-risk assets as defined by the BSP
          (e.g. government securities) ; and 2) exchange traded equity security which
          is included in an index and tracked by the UITF, the exposure limit of which
          shall be its actual benchmark weighting or 15%, whichever is higher.

Safekeeping of Securities
       • Done by a BSP-accredited 3rd party custodian

NAVPU availability
       • The NAVPU of the UITFs shall be published at the following schedules on
         each banking day or as close thereto as possible after all relevant
         information necessary for calculating the same shall have been collected.
       1. Money Market Funds (except BDO PERA STF) and Feeder Funds
           – 4:00 p.m.
       2. Bond Funds, Balanced Funds, Equity Funds and PERA UITFs
           – 7:30 p.m.

The NAVPU  may be obtained through:
         1. www.bdo.com.ph
         2. BDO Phonebanking - dial 631-8000
         3. www.uitf.com.ph
         4. Also published once a week in the BusinessWorld newspaper.

Reserves, Bank SBL and DOSRI limits
        • Exempted

Annual Audit
        • Quadruple Audits: BSP Audit, External Audit, Internal Audit plus External
          Audit for each UITF


        • Periodic reports are available at BDO TIG, BDO Branches and at the BDO
          website (www.bdo.com.ph)