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VIP Airport Lounge Access Powered by LoungeKey™
Qualified Cards:

  • BDO Platinum Mastercard

  • BDO Titanium Mastercard

LoungeKey™ is the new innovative Airport Lounge Access that allows you to access participating lounges with just a swipe of your BDO Platinum or Titanium Mastercard. With a network of over a thousand lounges across the world, it is aimed to enhance your travel experience regardless of airline or ticket class.


What are the benefits of LoungeKey™?
Enjoy the following LoungeKey benefits only through your BDO Elite Mastercard:

  • Access to VIP Airport Lounges worldwide

  • Complimentary refreshments and snacks

  • Business amenities such as Wi-Fi and conference spaces

  • Entry for accompanying guest/s

Lounge policies apply.

Plus, enjoy two (2) complimentary lounge access for a minimum annual spend of P600,000 or US$12,000 charged to your BDO Platinum or Titanium Mastercard. 


Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. The LoungeKey™ Program is available to all active Principal and Supplementary BDO Platinum and Titanium Mastercard Cardholders (“Qualified Cards”).

  2. Enrollment and Eligibility:

    1. Enrollment is required  to avail of this benefit. Cardholder must enroll via (for Platinum Mastercard) or (for Titanium Mastercard) and provide the following information:

      • 16-digit Credit Card Number

      • Last Name, First Name

      • Mobile Number (must be the same number provided to the Bank)

*Note: Please update the bank's record of your contact information to ensure that you are notified of Card Promotions. Simply visit or call the BDO Customer Contact Center Hotline at (02) 631-8000.

  1. Enrollment is on a per Card basis. Principal and Supplementary Cards must be enrolled separately.

  2. Valid enrollments shall be processed within fifteen (15) banking days from date of submission.

  3. In case of lost, stolen or replaced card, Cardholder must re-enroll his/her newly-issued Replacement Card to ensure uninterrupted lounge access.

  1. To gain access, Cardholder must present his eligible BDO Platinum or Titanium Mastercard and quote “LoungeKey” at the airport lounge.

  2. A Usage Fee of US$27 per use of the lounge, per person applies.

  3. The provision of complimentary refreshments is at the discretion of the lounge operator and in some instances, may be limited.

  4. Wi-Fi and conference facilities vary from lounge to lounge and are provided at the operator's discretion.

  5. LoungeKey™ Terms and Conditions apply.


How to enjoy Free Lounge Access with your BDO Platinum or Titanium Mastercard

  1. Offer  is exclusive to all BDO Platinum or Titanium Mastercard Cardholders whether Principal or Supplementary, who are enrolled to the LoungeKey™ Program and who will receive an electronic direct mailer and/or SMS regarding the Program. 

  2. To qualify  for the Complimentary Lounge Access, the Cardholder must have a minimum annual spend of P600,000 or US$12,000 whether straight or installment using his/her BDO Platinum or Titanium Mastercard.

  3. The two (2) complimentary LoungeKey™ lounge visits may be shared with one (1) guest, if any. Regular lounge fees will apply once the Reward has been fully consumed.

  4. Once qualified, the US$27 LoungeKey™ Lounge Access Fee (per use of the lounge) will automatically be reversed and posted on the Cardholder's succeeding Statement of Account. No need to request for waiver. The Card must be in good credit standing and not delinquent at the time of reversal.


Experience more with the LoungeKey™ Mobile App
Download the LoungeKey™ App to help you find lounges faster. You can download the app at the Apple App Store or through Google Play.


For more information on the LoungeKey™ program, you may visit the following:

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