Credit Card Promos


Get cash for school and pay later!
Application Period: February 1 to April 30, 2018
Promo Period (Availment Period): February 1 to June 30, 2018
Qualified Card: BDO Installment Card


Get cash for as low as 0.75% per month and get billed 1 month later. Apply for a BDO Installment Card now and avail of the promo rates until June 30, 2018.


Term Add-on Rate/Month Factor Rate Effective Interest Rate
12 0.79% 0.091237975 17.07%
18 0.79% 0.063458332 17.27%
24 0.75% 0.049168817 16.43%
36 0.75% 0.035280583 16.25%


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Promo Mechanics:

  1. The BDO Installment Card Payment Holiday Promo ("Promo") is open to:

    • BDO Installment Cardholders ("Cardholders") with BDO Installment Cards approved from February 1, 2018 until April 30, 2018

    • Customers who apply for a BDO Installment Card from February 1, 2018 until April 30, 2018 and subsequently approved ("Cardholders").

  2. The Application Period is from February 1 to April 30, 2018. Promo (Availment) Period will run from February 1 – June 30, 2018 (“Promo Period”).

  3. Promo is applicable only to Cash Availment transactions with 12, 18, 24 or 36-month terms.

  4. To qualify, Cardholder must submit the duly-accomplished Cash Availment Form and a copy of 2 valid government-issued IDs to any BDO branch or via email to within the Promo Period.

  5. Cardholder must have an open and valid BDO Checking or Savings Deposit Account where the Cash Availment proceeds may be credited.

  6. The minimum Cash Availment amount is P10,000 per transaction.

  7. Cardholders may perform multiple Cash Availments within the Promo Period, subject to the approved and available credit limit of the Cardholder's BDO Installment Card.

  8. Monthly installment due on Payment Holiday transactions will be billed to the cardholder starting the second statement cycle after the original transaction date and every month thereafter until the total amount payable is paid in full.

  9. The Payment Holiday offer is optional to the Cardholders. A Cardholder may choose not to avail of Payment Holiday in his/her Cash Availment transaction. In such cases, the first amortization will be billed on the 1st credit card statement cycle from the Cash Availment posting date.

  10. The following Cash Availment Rates shall apply:

Term (months) Factor Rate Monthly Add-on Rate Annual Effective Interest Rate
12 0.091237975 0.79% 17.07%
18 0.063458332 0.79% 17.27%
24 0.049168817 0.75% 16.43%
36 0.035280583 0.75% 16.25%
  1. The following Regular Rates will apply for Cardholders and Cash Availment transactions not qualified under the Promo:
Term (months) Factor Rate Monthly Add-on Rate Annual Effective Interest Rate
6 0.179667192 1.3% 26.27%
12 0.09583696 1.25% 26.63%
18 0.068058532 1.25% 26.76%
24 0.054167533 1.25% 26.58%
36 0.040279967 1.25% 25.98%
  1. All BDO Installment Card and Cash Availment applications submitted are subject to the final credit approval of BDO (“Bank”). Once approved, the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of BDO Installment Card and the prevailing fees and charges shall apply.

  2. Promo is not valid in conjunction with other promotions, unless otherwise stated.

  3. The decisions of the Bank on all matters relating to the Promo shall be final and binding on all Cardholders.



Per DTI-FTEB  Permit No.1086, Series of 2018.