Credit Card Promos


Enjoy as low as 0.59% monthly add-on rate when you transfer your other card balances to your BDO Credit Card.  Plus, pay your 1st installment next year!


Promo Period
September 9 to December 15, 2021


Qualified Cards

  • BDO Mastercard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay and Diners Club Credit Cards
  • BDO-issued American Express Cards


Three ways to avail



Applicable Fees
Availment Fee 
P250 This will be charged for every approved Balance Transfer application.
Installment Processing Fee 5% of the total remaining balance or P300, whichever is higher This will apply only to Installment Acceleration requests and will be charged after request has been approved.



Promo Mechanics

  1. The BDO Balance Transfer Promotion (“Promo”) is open to Principal Credit Cardholders of Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, Diners Club, JCB, and American Express® Credit Card issued by BDO (“Cardholder”), who are not prohibited by applicable laws, regulations and policies from participating in and/or qualifying for this Promo, on his/her own Non-BDO Credit Card Balances. Provided that the Non-BDO Credit Card Balances are issued by a major card issuer and/or bank in the Philippines and is/are at least six months old; active and current at the time of application. Excluded from this Promo are Distribution Cards, Purchasing Cards, Corporate Cards, Simple Cards, Tie-Up Cards, Installment Cards and International Dollar Cards.

  2. Promo Period is from September 9 to December 15, 2021.

  3. Qualified cardholders may transfer his Non-BDO credit card or personal/salary loan account balances to his BDO Credit Card for a minimum Balance Transfer amount of P10,000 charged on 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 or 36-month installment term.

    Term Factor Rate Add-on Rate Per Month Effective Rate Per Annum
    3 0.342138176 0.88% 15.78%
    6 0.175470425 0.88% 17.89%
    9* 0.119913219 0.88% 18.63%
    12 0.089237537 0.59% 12.83%
    18 0.061456925 0.59% 13.02%
    24 0.047570010 0.59% 13.06%
    36* 0.033679504 0.59% 12.97%

    Note: 9 and 36 month installment terms are not available for BDO Online Banking application.

    Sample Computation for a Balance Transfer amount of P20,000 for 24 months

    Balance Transfer Amount x Factor Rate = Monthly Amortization*
    P20,000 x 0.047570010 = P951.40 per month for 24 months

    *Above computation is presented as a guide to derive the monthly amortization. Actual monthly amortization may vary slightly due to rounded values.

    Quick access to Balance Transfer Calculator
  1. The Principal Cardholder can apply for the Promo via BDO Branches, BDO Online Banking and BDO Customer Contact Center. Table below shows ways on how to avail and minimum requirements to apply.

Ways to Avail Requirements
BDO Online 
Visit and look for BDO Online Banking Step-by-Step Guide for complete Balance Transfer BDO Online Banking application process Upload valid ID
BDO Branches1
Visit any BDO branch and apply over-the-counter
1. Balance Transfer application form with Principal Cardholder's signature
2. Copy of two (2) valid IDs of Principal Cardholder with signature
BDO Customer Contact Center Call (02) 8631-8000 or 1-800-10-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free)  
  1. The required minimum Balance Transfer amount may come from a maximum of two (2) non-BDO2 credit card or personal/salary loan account balances that is/are at least six (6) months old; active and current at the time of application.  The Balance Transfer amount per Non-BDO credit card or personal/salary loan account balance(s) must be at least P5,000, charged on one (1) installment term, and issued by a major card issuer and/or bank in the Philippines.

  2. The Balance Transfer principal amount with interest will be deducted from and should be within the available credit limit.

  3. The Cardholder must continue to pay the minimum amount due on his Non-BDO credit card or personal/salary loan account balance while the Balance Transfer application is still in process.

  4. All transactions are subject to the Bank's approval and once approved shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) of the Balance Transfer Program and the T&C governing the issuance and use of the BDO Credit Cards.

  5. If approved, BDO will issue a check or make a fund transfer directly to the Non-BDO card issuer/bank.  The check or fund transfer amount will be equivalent to the approved Balance Transfer amount.

  6. Balance Transfer transactions applied thru BDO Online Banking are subject to five (5) working days processing time.

  7. An Installment Availment Fee of P250 will be charged for every approved Balance Transfer application. The Installment Availment Fee is non-refundable and will be due/payable even if Cardholder decides to pay the entire remaining balance before the end of the payment term. 

  8. Approved Balance Transfer applications can no longer be reversed/cancelled.

  9. Monthly installment due on Balance Transfer applications with 3 months billing holiday together with monthly interest and penalty charge (if any) will be billed to the cardholder starting on the fourth statement cycle after the original transaction date and every month thereafter until the total amount payable is paid in full.

Sample Payment Schedule with 3 months billing holiday

  1. There may be a slight difference between the actual monthly installment amortization billed and the computed monthly installment amortization presented in the sample computation. Amounts may differ due to the rounded values.

  2. BDO may, at its sole and absolute option, accommodate Cardholder’s request to accelerate the charging of the full amount of the remaining unbilled monthly amortization/s on the Balance Transfer installment transactions, provided that the Cardholder's total outstanding balance due for the pertinent monthly billing cycle is paid in full. Further, a corresponding Installment Processing Fee of 5% of the total remaining balance or P300, whichever is higher, will be charged to the Cardholder’s account. After BDO has approved the Cardholder's acceleration, the total accelerated amount due and the corresponding Installment Processing Fee shall form part of the total outstanding amount due for the pertinent monthly billing cycle and must be paid in full. 


1Balance Transfer applications can be processed in over 1,000 BDO branches nationwide. 
2All other banks’ credit cards applied through BDO branches shall be processed while-you-wait except for Asia United Bank, BPI, Metrobank, Security Bank and Union Bank credit cards which will be processed within 5 banking days.


Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions will also apply.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB 123820, Series of 2021.