Credit Card Promos



Earn 3x Miles when you spend at least
P20,000 in
local supermarkets and
drugstores with your BDO Diners Club Credit Card.


  • Minimum amount per transaction is P2,000.

  • The bonus miles that can be earned per card is maximum of 10,000 bonus miles, which will be posted to the Principal Cardholder's account on or before April 8, 2021.

Promo Period

January 1 to February 28, 2021


Qualified Cards

  • BDO Diners Club Premiere Credit Card

  • BDO Diners Club International Credit Card





Promo Mechanics

  1. The 2021 Diners Club More Miles on Essential Promo (“Promo”) is open to all new and existing active Principal and Supplementary Credit Cardholders of BDO Diners Club Credit Card. Diners Club Corporate Cards are excluded from the Promo.

  2. Promo period is from January 1 to February 28, 2021.

  3. To participate in the promo:

    1. The Cardholder must enroll to the promo using the Promo ID sent by BDO through Viber message, SMS, or email, until February 28, 2021. The Principal and Supplementary Cardholder must enroll to the promo separately for their respective cards, and ensure that accurate information is provided.

      Click here to enroll.

    2. The Cardholder must use his/her qualified BDO Diners Club Credit Card in local supermarkets and drugstores for a minimum single-receipt or cumulative spend of P20,000 from January 1, 2021 to February 28, 2021. For cumulative purchases, the minimum amount per transaction is P2,000.

  4. All posted or billed local supermarket and drugstore transactions, reaching the minimum spend requirement of P20,000, shall earn the corresponding miles indicated below:

Earn Rate Regular Miles Bonus Miles TOTAL Miles
Diners Club International P50 1 Mile 2 Bonus Miles 3 Miles
Diners Club Premiere P30 1 Mile 2 Bonus Miles 3 Miles


  1. The following transactions are excluded from the promo:

    1. Online/MOTO

    2. Overseas transactions

    3. BDO Internal Installment Programs such as but not limited to EasyPay Balance Transfer, EasyPay Cash Out, EasyPay Convert and Cash-It-Easy.

    4. Transactions that have been used to redeem in other promotional offers of Diners Club and BDO

  2. Purchases must come from one (1) qualified card only. A Principal Card is treated separately from the Supplementary Card. In computing for the total qualified spend amount, transactions of the Principal Card cannot be combined with the transactions of the Supplementary Card. It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to monitor his/her qualified spend.  

  3. For cardholders enrolled in Dual Currency feature, transactions made in US Dollar and other currencies will be converted to Philippine Peso based on USD 1 = P49. The amount will then be added to the total qualified Peso transactions to determine the total spend amount.

  4. For installment purchases, minimum single-receipt of P3,000 is required. The Principal/base Amount will be included in the computation of the total spend requirement.

  5. A maximum of 10,000 bonus Miles per card may be earned from this promo. Succeeding transactions on the Diners Club Credit Card after reaching the maximum bonus miles, mentioned on this item, shall no longer earn the said bonus miles.


Crediting of Bonus Miles

  1. The bonus miles will be credited to the Principal Cardholder's account on or before April 8, 2021.

  2. For cardholders enrolled in Dual Currency feature, the bonus miles earned will be credited to the Peso account.

  3. Cardholders will be notified via SMS upon successful posting of the bonus miles to their BDO Diners Club account. Cardholder must ensure that the contact details provided (SMS) are accurate. BDO will not be responsible for non-receipt of notification due to incorrect contact details.

  4. BDO Diners Club Credit Cards must be active and of good credit standing at the time of crediting of the bonus miles, otherwise, the bonus miles earned shall be forfeited.


General Terms and Conditions

  1. If no discrepancy is reported by the Cardholder within sixty (60) days after the bonus miles were posted or should have been posted, the earned bonus miles will be considered correct and fulfillment of the Promo shall be considered complete.

  2. The bonus miles earned in this promo are non-transferable and not convertible to cash.

  3. The 2021 Diners Club More Miles on Essentials Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other ongoing promotional offers of BDO. Transactions that are qualified under this Promo can no longer be used to redeem treats or rebate or miles from other BDO promotion, and vice versa.

  4. BDO reserves the right to reverse or adjust the bonus miles previously posted to the Cardholder if the qualifying purchase or transaction is disputed or cancelled on a later date or if the transaction is found to be invalid or fraudulent or if there’s erroneous posting of the bonus miles.

  5. In case of dispute, in respect of but not limited to the Cardholder’s eligibility, coverage of dates, transaction qualification and fulfillment, BDO’s decision shall prevail. All questions or disputes regarding the Promo shall be resolved by BDO with the concurrence of DTI. All decisions made will be deemed final and non-negotiable.

  6. Promo is subject to the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of BDO Credit Cards.



Per DTI Fair Trade Permit no. FTEB-110899 Series of 2020.