BDO Cash Card FAQs


1. How do I apply?

You may visit any BDO branch. You will be required to accomplish the BDO Cash Card application form and provide one (1) valid ID.


2. When can I get my BDO Cash Card?

Pre-embossed or unnamed cards are immediately available. Embossed or named cards are available within 3-5 banking days for Metro Manila branches and 5-7 days for outside Metro Manila.


3. Does BDO Cash Card require annual fee?

BDO Cash Card does not require annual fee.


4. Does BDO Cash Card expire?

Yes, the validity period of the card is displayed on the front of your card.


5. What happens after my BDO Cash Card has expired?

You are required to replace your expired card by visiting your issuing branch.


6. What do I do if my BDO Cash Card is lost or stolen?

Immediately call the BDO Contact Center at 631-8000 to suspend your card then visit your issuing branch to have the card replaced.


7. How many BDO Cash Cards am I allowed to have?

Customers are allowed to have a maximum of 5 BDO Cash Cards.


8. How do I ensure the safety of my card during online shopping?

We encourage you to transact with reputable online merchants as BDO cannot guarantee the buyer/seller you are dealing with will complete the transaction. To avoid fraudulent transactions, do not share your card information.