Stories of Finding Ways

Inspiring stories of finding ways despite great uncertainty

See how these BDO clients found solutions and inspired us with their tenacity, optimism, and resourcefulness.



Helping you find ways for those who matter most


With two young children and a successful family business, Denise Alelis takes on many roles: entrepreneur, boss, wife, mother, and homemaker. In her life, not one task can be left behind—she wants to make sure everything is taken care of.


How does one juggle life’s roles when all of them happen at the same time? Denise’s answer is simple: #IChooseBDO. Using BDO’s many services, she makes things work for the people who depend on her.



A companion through tough times


The pandemic might have slowed down many businesses in the country, but Maylin Remo Natan knew she had to keep going. She had clients to service, employees to pay, and her own earnings to consider.


But because BDO branches remained operational, Maylin was able to fulfill her duties, making sure that for Trucklane Corporation’s partners, employees and herself, life did not stop.








With you through life’s unexpected challenges


With most of the world going into lockdown last March, running a company that deals with international shipments became an especially daunting hurdle for Hayato Yazaki, who was expecting educational materials to be imported from Japan. These educational materials were expected to be used by children, but were currently on hold because of quarantine.


Despite the restrictions of quarantine, Yazaki-san successfully sought the help of his partners from BDO to help authorize and coordinate the release of these materials before the deadline, proving that despite unprecedented times, your business can continue with the help of partners you can trust.


Read their stories  As they dealt with the challenges of the new normal, discover why these individuals chose BDO.



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