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Chesa Leila F. Jaleco

Aqua Dynamics Systems Inc. Business Development Head



True leadership: How Chesa helped her employees


”During this pandemic, I faced quite a lot of challenges. As a business owner, I found it daunting to send money to our employees for cash assistance during the quarantine period. The problem was, we were so used to non-online transfers—this made it quite stressful to adjust to the sudden shift to online transactions. It was a struggle for us to provide assistance to our employees immediately and conveniently, because we were stuck in the old manual, non-online process.


During the lockdown period, there was a nationwide curfew and thus, fewer bank branches were open. Those who did stay open had limited operating hours and closed early. The nearest branch to us was located in another city. Because of the pandemic, cashless transactions were highly encouraged, so you had to make sure your bank and your debit card or credit card were always working.


This pandemic, I learned that I made the right decision to avail of a BDO credit card. I actually was lucky enough to have two BDO credit cards approved and that I was able to use them simultaneously. It helped me by serving as a safety net in terms of having “money-on-hand” while cashflow was a bit slow-moving during the lockdown period.


The BDO credit card paved the way for a lot of cashless transactions that were preferred by both personal and business deals. It also was the safest and most convenient way to pay, and you can do so in the comfort of your own home. I was so happy I had my cards because, they were like my best friends during the pandemic.


I was able to buy a lot of things I needed using my BDO credit card. To be honest, BDO’s slogan “We find ways” stays very true to its essence. Being a BDO client for years now, I’ve always experienced better and more convenient ways of banking. I’ve also observed and compared their products and services to that of other banks. For me, BDO has always been customer-centered, consistently finding ways to make transactions easy and convenient for customers—whether those are payments, deposits or transfers, both locally and internationally.”


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