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Investing is easy with BDO Easy Investment Plan




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    A minimum of P1,000 is all you need

    Kick-start your investment journey for as low as P1,000 per month and just go higher if you want to see bigger returns. You have the flexibility to adjust your regular investment amount anytime.



    Get to choose from a variety of UITFs

    Based on your financial goals, there’s always a Unit Investment Trust Fund that suits your need. For starters, we suggest building your emergency fund by investing in the BDO Short Term Fund.



    Automatic debits—just choose your schedule!

    The amount you choose will automatically be debited from your account, either once or twice a month. Just choose a schedule that best fits your cash flow.



    Easily monitor your investments

    Track your investments as they grow through time. Visit any BDO branch or access BDO Invest Online through Personal online banking to see updates.




    Got more questions on the BDO Easy Investment Plan? Drop us a message.


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