Pia and BDO: 20 years and counting


“I can’t believe it’s been twenty years,” reflects Pia as she looks up at the timeline of her career and its many milestones. Followers of Pia know about her start in showbiz—the movies, the noontime shows, the early magazine covers. Even fewer knew that she was, in fact, already with BDO right from the start, and was with her in every step. Watch as she tells her story.


“Life is a series of choices and decisions…”
Pia begins as she looks back at her career and the milestones over the years.


2001: The start of Pia’s career and relationship with BDO


From her very first real paycheck, Pia was already saving with BDO. “Kahit maliit pa lang yung ipon ko, feel ko talaga na valued client ako ng BDO.”


Opening an account with BDO is easy. Pia knows the steps and requirements!



2015: Getting her first crown and her first credit card



“My BDO Credit Card is a must-have, from getting essentials to enjoying indulgences.


Want your own BDO Credit Card? Let Pia take you through the steps.



2018: Pia makes her moves towards investing



“It only sounds complicated, but I promise you, it's not!”


Curious about investing? Pia tells us more.



2020: Protecting everything she has built



“As you get older, you come face-to-face with some of the realities of life. BDO Insure and BDO Life
help me protect what matters most to me.”


Want to get protected? Pia talks more about insurance.