Official Statement

Official Statement | December 12, 2021
We are aware of a sophisticated fraud technique that has affected some of our clients. We are looking into each of the cases and will revert back to those who have been affected. 
We assure you that we have already implemented additional security controls to block further attempts and continue to protect bank credentials. Most recently, we have required our online banking users to update their passwords. Changing their password improves account security and prevents fraudsters from accessing their hard-earned money.
We thank our clients for their patience and cooperation in protecting their online bank accounts. We assure our affected innocent clients that we will reimburse their losses.  
Cybersecurity is a focal point of the banking sector. We at BDO are continuously investing and working towards improving our security infrastructure to protect our clients’ money.While we have put back-end measures in place, we appreciate our clients’ continued vigilance to combat fraud. We would like to remind clients to never share login information like username and password, and OTP. 
Clients may report suspicious incidents to or get in touch with its representatives and look for BDO Customer Care with blue verified checkmark from Facebook. Clients may also call its hotline at 8631-8000 or email BDO at