March 23, 2023
Reclassification of BDO Equity Funds as Funds suitable for clients 
with at least Balanced Risk Profile
Dear Valued Investor, 
We wish to inform you that the BDO Trust Committee, on its meeting held on June 27, 2022, has approved the reclassification of BDO peso and foreign currency denominated Equity Funds (the “Funds”) as Funds suitable for clients with at least Balanced Risk Profile (from Aggressive) and this shall take effect on May 2, 2023:
Peso Equity Funds Foreign Currency Equity Funds
1. BDO Dividend Fund
2. BDO Equity Fund 
3. BDO Equity Index Fund
4. BDO ESG Equity Fund
5. BDO Focused Equity Fund
6. BDO Institutional Equity Fund
7. BDO China Equity Feeder Fund 
8. BDO Developed Markets Property Index Feeder Fund
9. BDO Europe Equity Feeder Fund
10. BDO Global Equity Index Feeder Fund
11. BDO Global EM Equity Index Feeder Fund
12. BDO US Equity Feeder Fund
13. BDO Japan Equity Index Feeder Fund

The reclassification poses no effect on the investment strategy of the Fund/s nor on the market value of your investments in the Fund/s. The Fund/s will continue to be managed in the same way as it is presently being managed, in line with the Fund’s investment objective and policies.


We advise you to evaluate this change carefully. If the Fund/s remains suitable to your investment profile, there is no need for you to do anything. Your decision to remain invested in the Fund/s will be deemed as your conformity with the amendment. If this is not the case or you are not in conformity with the above amendment, you may get in touch with your UITF Servicing Branch on or before April 28, 2023 to discuss other BDO UITFs/investment products that may better match your requirements. Early redemption fees and/or non-completion fees, if any, shall be waived if redemption orders are made prior to the effectivity date.
For clarifications, please feel free to call BDO Contact Center at (02) 8631-8000 or email with subject line: BDO Equity Funds Reclassification and we will be glad to assist you. 
Thank you for your continued trust.
BDO Unibank, Inc. – Trust and Investments Group
As Trustee of BDO Equity Funds