BDO Deals App

A Savvy Kind of Life

So you think you're living a spend savvy life?

Well, let's see...

  1. You are conscious and careful about where your money goes and you set (long-term and short-term) financial goals.
  2. You religiously track your spending by keeping receipts or by using a spending mobile app.
  3. You automatically segregate your money every payday – auto debit for your bills, scheduled funds transfer to your savings account, etc!
  4. You make it a habit to pace your shopping, entertainment and recreation budget every month so you won't run out of cash.
  5. You carefully consider every purchase that you make instead of buying on impulse.
  6. You compare offers from a whole host of merchants—online and offline—to get the best possible deal.


Alright then, let's say you are the poster girl/boy of smart spending. A bonafide wise spender.

You're probably thinking, “Hey, I already have everything figured out.”

But, do you really?

There might be something else right under your nose that you don't know about yet or haven't fully utilized.

Two words, people.


BDO Deals

BDO Deals (some of you might know it as BDO Deal Finder!) is a first-of-its-kind mobile app in the country. It's an easy and convenient means for BDO Credit and Debit Cardholders to know all the latest deals and exciting promos offered by BDO.


You can get access to all the best and hottest deals in one app, from discounts, freebies, treats and even reward items. Whether for dining, shopping, travel, online, beauty and wellness, and more, you can definitely enjoy endless perks with your BDO Credit and Debit Card.


Here are key features of the BDO Deals app that you can take advantage of:

  1. View the complete directory of promo offers for BDO Credit and Debit Cards
  2. See nearby deals within 3-km radius
  3. Augmented Reality, an innovative feature that utilizes the camera and enables you to find promos and special offers in the general direction of the merchants in the area. Just point your camera to a particular direction and BDO Card offers will automatically be visible.
  4. Locate and get directions to partner establishment, BDO branches and ATM using the Waze and Google Maps integration feature
  5. Widgets, shows list of nearby promos with content search using merchant name, location and keywords.
  6. Share your favorite BDO deals to your family and friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  7. Call partner establishments, BDO Branches and BDO Customer Contact Center directly.


BDO Deals is a must-have mobile app for every spend savvy individual like you!

So, keep yourself up to date on all the best deals and exclusive perks for BDO Credit and Debit Cardholders.

If you already haven't, download the BDO Deals app now from the App Store or Google Play Store. It's simple, easy to use and most of all, FREE!


Not yet a BDO Cardholder? Apply now at any of the over 1,000 BDO branches near you or click here.