BDO Debit Card

Embracing the Easy and Hassle-free Path


2020 has been a year of change, both challenging and welcoming.


And on this new path we’re taking, we are all rediscovering the value of connecting with people, taking better care of ourselves—physically, mentally and emotionally, and learning to integrate technology in our daily lives.


We have become more reliant on the convenience of technology for all the things we do—be it online shopping, bills payment, food delivery, and more.   


Taking the leap with Sarah and Matteo

Just like the rest of us, Sarah and Matteo have also embraced a new path—this time, as husband and wife. As they both settle into married life and continue to adapt to a digitized lifestyle, one thing remains constant—having BDO Debit Card to pay for their everyday needs.


Let’s take a peek into Sarah and Matteo’s new life together and how BDO Debit Card enables them to enjoy easy and hassle-free online transactions.


Online Shopping?




Food delivery?




Just debit with BDO!

Whether you want to snag good deals and huge discounts for items in your online cart, or have food delivered from your favorite restaurant, you can pay conveniently—and not to mention, safely—with your BDO Debit Card.


For your everyday needs—just debit with BDO! No hassle, so easy!


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