Loan Information Update

Client Information

Update your informaiton.




Mode of Payment

Make changes to your ADA account.


Due Date

Call Customer Contact Center at (02) 8631-8000 for due date change and request for computation of accrued interest payable prior to change.


Amendment of Terms

To Lengthen (add no. of years) or Shorten (lessen no. of years) your Loan Term, submit the following requirements at any BDO Branch.





Document Request

Loan Documents

Request for loan documents related to your account.  


     •  Transfer Certificate of Title
     •  Condominium Certificate Title
     •  Loan Agreement
     •  Disclosure Statement



Amortization Schedule

​Ask for a statement indicating future amortizations due and its application to interest and principal. 



Statement of Account for Full Payment

Get computation of the amount needed to be paid to settle loan in full.




Submit Online Form for the following requests:

  •  Certificate of Full Payment


Submit Customer Request Form at the nearest BDO Branch for the following:

  •  Certificate of Mortgage
  •  Certificate of Outstanding Balance
  •  History of Payment



Request to Endorse Life Insurance Policy

Submission of Endorsed Life Insurance Policy

Submit the following at nearest BDO branch:



(Applicable only if insurance is not yet fully paid; should be signed by all borrowers)


Once request is approved, prepare the following for submission:

     •  Original copy of Endorsed Life Insurance Policy
           - Should be issued by a Philippine Insurance company
             accredited by BDOI.

     •  Coverage period is not less than the term of the loan

     •  Official Receipt or Certificate of Full Payment for entire


Collateral Release

Release of Collateral

Set an appointment as soon as you receive a notification to claim your collateral documents 



Note: Choose your preferred date and time from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on banking days. No walk-ins allowed.


Prepare all requirements for the release of collateral. Click to see complete requirements.



Kindly expect an SMS confirmation of your appointment with a BDO email address where you should send a copy of one (1) valid government-issued ID (with 3 specimen signatures) of the Claimant/s (Borrower/s / Registered Owner/s and/or Authorized Representative) for advance validation. Original copies to be presented upon claiming of the collateral documents.


Please bring your Covid-19 Vaccination Card. If unvaccinated, present a Negative Antigen Result taken within 30 days prior to appointment date.  


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For Inquiries

Provide contact details Call BDO Customer Contact Center at +63 2 8631-8000