We nurture a strong volunteer spirit

The strength of BDO Foundation lies in its volunteers.

As evidenced by the huge number of employees who participate in BDO Foundation’s activities, our company cultivates a strong volunteer spirit motivated by a genuine desire to serve fellow Filipinos.

Under the auspices of the BDO Volunteer Program, BDO Foundation drives employee engagement by providing employees located all over the country opportunities to give back to their community. BDO employees selflessly share their time, talent and treasure for the benefit of marginalized members of society.


To effectively support the projects of the foundation, volunteers are grouped into work orientation:

  • Community Builders
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Relief Workers
  • Earth-keepers
  • Fund Raisers

Our people take part in community building, relief operations, donation drives, environmental events and other activities designed to benefit underserved stakeholders. Moreover, BDO officers and staff, through their generous donations, exclusively finance the construction of multi-purpose halls in communities affected by calamities.


Also referred to as BDO Foundation Multi-Purpose Halls, the structures are centers where communities can coalesce, meet and organize. They can serve as evacuation centers and venues for medical missions and the distribution of relief goods. Further, these are places where communities can conduct trainings and workshops. Cooperatives can pursue livelihood opportunities using these centers as outlets for them to sell their products. Ultimately, these multi-purpose halls help disaster-stricken beneficiaries rebuild their lives.


When a calamity hits a community, our volunteers from BDO branches are there to conduct relief operations. When disaster-stricken families need to rebuild their lives, our employees offer a helping hand.

Such generosity is characteristic of our employees. Indeed, a strong spirit of volunteerism, “bayanihan”, community and social responsiveness pervades in our company. These are part of our corporate culture.