Catriona Gray finds her way with BDO


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BDO’s newest brand ambassador is Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.


Amid pressure to stick to the “right way” of doing things, Catriona found her own way and worked with people who supported her unique vision for winning the Miss Universe 2018 crown.



Preparing for the Miss Universe pageant was a creative and purposeful process for Catriona and her handpicked team.  As a result of her collaboration with partners who understood her well, she figured out the most authentic way to compete in the pageant which would make her unforgettable and distinct.



One of these unforgettable moments was when Catriona flawlessly executed the “lava walk,” a confident stride which mesmerized the universe and made time stand still.


Watch the video below to see how see how she perfected her signature move.



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As she continues her journey, Catriona has chosen BDO as her partner in achieving her other goals.


It is a partnership that makes perfect sense. You have an empowered Filipina who finds her own way to realize her dreams, and a bank that finds ways to empower Filipinos into getting the life they want, the way they want to.



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Find your way with Catriona on Waze


Catriona is the first-ever Filipino celebrity on Waze!


Let her help you find your way to your next destination. Have more enjoyable rides as you listen to Catriona’s own words of advice  along with reminders and safety tips.



To make Catriona your daily navigator, simply go to Settings > Voice Directions > Catriona Gray.