EasyPay Cash

Terms and Conditions
EasyPay Cash

  1. BDO shall have the absolute and exclusive right to approve or reject applications for EasyPay Cash. If the Cardholder has no sufficient credit limit, BDO has the sole discretion to approve only a portion of the amount applied for. In case of rejection of the application, BDO is under no obligation to notify the Cardholder of the said rejection and of the reason therefore.

  2. The Cardholder acknowledges liability to BDO for any EasyPay Cash request that has been implemented and the amount of EasyPay Cash together with interest and penalty charges, if any, will form part of the Cardholder’s payment obligation to his/her BDO Credit Card.

  3. The EasyPay Cash principal amount with interest will be deducted and should be within the Cardholder's available credit limit.

  4. Monthly installments due on the EasyPay Cash together with monthly interest and penalty charge, if any, shall be billed to the Cardholder and shall commence on the Cardholder’s next statement date and every month thereafter until the total amount payable is paid in full.

  5. Approved applications for EasyPay Cash can no longer be reversed/cancelled. BDO may, at its sole and absolute option, accommodate Cardholder's request to accelerate the charging of the remaining unbilled monthly amortization/s, but the total remaining balance after the acceleration, must be paid in full. The Cardholder will be charged an installment processing fee of 5% of the total remaining balance or P300, whichever is higher.  After BDO has approved the Cardholder's acceleration, the total accelerated amount and the installment processing fee shall form part of the total outstanding amount due for the pertinent monthly billing cycle and must be paid in full.

  6. The monthly interest rates are determined by BDO and may be subject to change in accordance with the prevailing market rates for similar transactions and terms.

  7. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Cardholder acknowledges that the agreed periodic amortization computed using the corresponding factor rate may differ from the amortization computed and generated by BDO System due to rounding off of the corresponding factor rate, which is automated in BDO’s system. Cardholder hereby consents and authorizes BDO to round off the corresponding factor rate in the computation of the agreed periodic amortization and hereby accepts any change in the factor rate, including the amortization amount as a result thereof.

  8. The Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of the BDO Credit Cards shall continue to apply to the EasyPay Cash Program and to the cardholder’s availment of such Program and shall be deemed incorporated with and made integral parts of these Terms and Conditions. In case of conflict between the above stated provisions and the BDO Credit Cards Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail.

  9. The Cardholder’s use/availment of the EasyPay Cash Program constitutes the Cardholder’s agreement to the above Terms and Conditions.

  10. The above Terms and Conditions may be amended and supplemented by BDO with DTI's consent from time to time upon notice to the Cardholder.