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Our goal is to keep our community safe as we serve your banking needs.


We’re committed to provide you essential banking and financial services amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This page contains public service announcements and updated information on our different products and services that may be helpful to you.


Public Service Announcements


Limited Branch Transactions

For everyone’s safety, the following transactions will be temporarily suspended:

  • Cash Pickup of Remittances - Temporarily suspended. Only remittances to BDO Unibank accounts will be accepted.
  • Rollover of Investment Maturities - This will be done automatically.


Please bank safely from home. Sign up for Online and Mobile Banking today.


Limited Bills Payment Transactions


Due to the skeletal workforce in our branches, over-the-counter bills payment transactions during the Enhanced Community Quarantine will only be accepted for the following merchants:

  • BDO Unibank
  • DO Group, its subsidiaries and affiliates
  • SM Group
  • Non-BDO / Non-SM companies under IATF exemptions


For your other bills payment and banking needs, we highly encourage you to use BDO ATMs, Online Banking and Mobile Banking.


Thank you for your understanding.


Service & Operation Advisories

Treasury Services

BDO Securities Advisory

Cash Management Services

Trust and Investments

Credit Card Promo Advisory


Private Banking

For Private Bank clients, please contact your Relationship Managers for your investment and banking needs.


Remittance Services

We apologize for the delays you are currently experiencing.
Our skeleton workforce is working doubly hard to deliver your remittances without further delay.

Remittances, amendments, cancellations, and other requests will be processed within 2-4 days until further notice.


Bank safely from home with BDO Online Banking




Extraordinary Services for BDO Clients


Send Money via Instapay free of charge

We understand your need to transact online.
Money transfers via Instapay are free of charge from March 18 to April 15, 2020.

BDO Life and BDO Insure extend premium payments

All BDO Life insurance holders will receive a 91-day extension while BDO Insurance Brokers insurance holders will get 60-day extensions on payments.

Please expect an email on this matter.