Check Clearing Advisory


Effective September 1, 2017, please be advised of the new check clearing guidelines:

  1. Checks sent for clearing before cut-off period will be cleared at 10:00 AM of the next banking day.
  2. Checks with technical deficiencies (i.e. stale or post dated, with erasures, signature differs from file on record, etc.) will be AUTOMATICALLY RETURNED without the need of confirmation similar to issued checks with insufficient balance.
  3. Per PCHC CICS Operating Memorandum No. 17-017, checks with the following payees shall NO longer be accepted and shall incur applicable penalties.
  • Customer Name and Cash
  • Customer Name and/or Cash
  • Business Name and Cash
  • Business Name and/or Cash

Kindly observe adequate funding of checks, complete and accurate information, proper signature and named payee to avoid any inconvenience.