Corporate Agency Services


As financial transactions become more complex, individuals and corporations can rely on BDO Trust's Special Trust and Corporate Agencies Division to provide fiduciary and agency support services required by debt and equity capital markets. We can be appointed trustee, facility or loan agent, escrow agent, registrar and paying agent, stock and transfer agent, and other roles requiring third-party objectivity and over-all efficiency, including liaising between and among multiple parties, thereby ensuring a successful consummation of a contract or a financial transaction.

Registry / Transfer Agency

BDO Trust, as your transfer agent and registrar, will also do the registration of all transfers and annotations in the stock and transfer book or bond registry of the issuer corporation.

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Collection Agency

Collection Agency is an arrangement wherein BDO Trust and Investment Group acts as recipient/custodian of post-dated checks (PDC) and/or fund contributions from individual contributors.

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Paying Agency

Ensure that your company’s processing and distribution of dividends declared or interest due are done accurately by appointing an agent to disburse and deliver these to shareholders or bondholders/ creditors.

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Receiving Bank

Comply with industry best practices by appointing an independent receiving bank when your company borrows from or offers its shares to the public.

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