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The BDO Merchant Online Reporting System is a secured Web-based platform that allows you to view and access all your company’s peso and dollar credit card transaction records, both current and historical/previous.

View your company’s credit card transactions reports on line, anytime.. hassle free!

Enroll now and enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Convenience to access Merchant Reports:
    1. Merchant Statement of Account
    2. Credit Notice
    3. Prooflists
    4. Settlement Reports
  2. Print any reports fast and easy for a more convenient reconciliation processing.
  3. Flexibility to store and generate reports through various formats (CSV, PDF)



Enroll now in Merchant Online Reporting System and enjoy hassle-free access to your reports online!

Click to download Merchant Online Reporting System (MORS) form.

Please submit accomplished form to our Merchant Services Unit or you may submit it to your BDO Account Officer.


For inquiries, you may call our Merchant Services Unit Hotline numbers:

Metro Manila:               PLDT       (02) 8702-6900

                                        Globe      (02) 7909-6900
Domestic Toll Free:     PLDT       1-800-10-702-6900
                                        Globe      1-800-8-9096900



  1. What is BDO Merchant Online Reporting System (MORS)?
    This facility is a secured web-based system where you can view current and historical peso or dollar credit card transactions of your company online anywhere!
  2. What reports can I view on BDO MORS?
    - Statement of Account      - Prooflists
    - Credit Notice                     - Settlement Reports
  3. How do I Enroll?
    Enrollment is a breeze! Your Company's Authorized Merchant Representative may register as many User Profiles / Authorized Users as needed.

    Accomplish Merchant Online Reporting System (MORS) Form. Terms and Conditions and email to or submit to your BDO Account Officer.

  1. How do I activate my access rights?
    Your unique USER ID and initial default PASSWORD shall be sent to the email address indicated in the form. Change your password upon initial log in to ensure security of your MORS access.
  1. How do I request for a Password Reset?
    Please call our BDO Merchant Services Hotline at 8702-6900 (PLDT) or 7909-6900 (Globe). A Service Representative will assist you.
  2. How do I access Merchant Reports?
    1. View all Reports - By ticking on this option and providing report date in the required format, user may view all Merchant ID/s attached to User Profile with available reports.
    2. Merchant ID – By providing a specific Merchant ID attached to User Profile and report date in required format, user may view reports available for selected MID/s at given report date.
  3. What is the retention period of the reports in the MORS?
    1. Statement of Account
      Twelve (12) calendar months.
    2. Credit Notice Reports
      Twelve (12) calendar months.
    3. Prooflists
      Six (6) calendar months.
    4. Settlement Reports
      Six (6) calendar months.
  4. How often are the reports updated?
    Credit Card Transaction Reports are updated daily.


Should you have any queries, you may email Merchant Services at or contact our Merchant Services Hotline at Metro Manila PLDT (02) 8702-6900 Globe (02) 7909-6900 or Domestic Toll-Free PLDT 1-800-10-702-6900 Globe 1-800-8-9096900.




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