Fire Insurance

Insurance  against loss by fire, lightning, windstorm, tornados, or earthquakes  and other allied risks, when such risks are covered by extension to  fire insurance policies or under separate policies. Fire insurance is  concerned obviously with the principal or main peril of fire. There  are, however other "allied perils" which are considered within the  scope of fire insurance: 

1. Earthquake Fire and Shock

  • Earthquake Fire - this covers the insured property against direct loss or damage caused by fire following an earthquake.
  • Earthquake Shock - this covers the insured property against loss or damage (other than fire) occasioned by or through or in consequence of earthquake.

2. Typhoon and Flood

  • Typhoon - the extension of a typhoon is based on the records of the Weather Bureau which has defined it as having a wind velocity of 64 knots or over.
  • Flood - this is defined in the Tariff Manual as: the entry of water into the premises insured, from without, due to the inundation of land not usually covered by water. By reason of an extraordinary high tide, or following typhoon, cyclone, and/or windstorm, or due to the bursting or overflowing or rivers, reservoirs, canals, and the like. 

3. Extended Coverage Endorsement (ECE)

This is a "package" endorsement covering the perils of explosion, aircraft, vehicle and smoke. 

4. Riot and Strike

This covers loss or damage directly caused by: 

  • Strikers and locked out workers
  • Persons disturbing peace
  • Lawful authorities acting to suppress/ prevent the disturbance

5. Bursting or Overflow of Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes

As the heading indicates, this covers loss or damage to the insured property caused by the bursting/overflow of the water system.


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