Engineering Insurance

1. Contractor's All Risk Insurance (CARI)

  • Insures buildings and civil engineering projects against actual physical damage or destruction of the work in progress including equipment and machinery within the job site and third party liability.
  • Unforeseen circumstances may lead to financially damaging losses during construction or renovation. Owners should ensure that their properties are protected by a well-designed CARI program.

About The Coverage

a. The Stakeholders  - Who are covered?

  • Project owner
  • General contractor
  • Subcontractors
  • Financing parties

b. The Project - What is covered?

  • Construction materials
  • Temporary works
  • Owner-supplied materials

                 Option to insure contractors' plant and equipment separately.

c. The Risks - Against what events?

  • Fire, typhoon, flood, earthquake, water damage, construction accidents and negligence

                            i. Loss or damage to property
                            ii. Third party liability for accidental bodily injury and
                                property damage

d. The Covering Period - When?

  • During construction, including warranty and maintenance period

2. Erection All Risk Insurance (EAR)

  • Has the same coverage of that of a CAR policy but includes coverage of machinery, equipment or apparatus during the process of installation or erection.

3. Electronic Equipment Insurance

  • Insures all types of electronic equipment like computers, radiation equipment and communication equipment against loss or damage as a result of external causes including natural calamities, malicious acts, negligence and electrical malfunctions. It also extends coverage to include the cost of reproduction of the program or system stored and the lease of substitute equipment.

4. Machinery Breakdown

  • Covers any unforeseen and sudden loss or damage to machinery, mechanical equipment and apparatus due to external and internal causes. Extension for loss of profit due to machinery breakdown can also be covered.


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