Property / Engineering / Marine Insurance

Protecting your Assets

Unexpected losses, catastrophes or damage to property can deal a large blow to your bottom line. BDO Insure not only offers a large portfolio of insurance solutions, our expert advice helps you identify risks to property with a keen insight into your business.

Fire Insurance

Insurance against loss by fire, lightning, windstorm, tornados, or earthquakes and other allied risks.

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Motor Insurance

Motor Car Fleet / Motor Vehicle insurance is an insurance against loss of or damage to a motor vehicle and against liability to passengers/3rd party.

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Engineering Insurance

Insurance that provides coverage for civil works, construction projects and electro-mechanical works against losses due to fire, lightning, explosion, flood, windstorm, earthquake, theft and other factors specified in the policy.

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Marine Hull / Machinery / Aviation Insurance

Insurance against risks connected with navigation to which a ship or other insurable interest in movable property may be exposed.

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Marine Cargo Insurance

Designed to cover various hazards related to the movement of goods.

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Equipment / Special Floater Insurance

Insurance that provides coverage for equipment that are transported from one place to another such as contractor’s equipment, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, film-making equipment and other types of equipment.

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This product is being provided by BDO Insurance Brokers, Inc. (BDOI), a subsidiary of BDO Unibank, Inc. BDOI is a regulated entity supervised by the Insurance Commission, and provides insurance brokerage service to clients who wish to secure insurance products issued by a separate accredited insurance provider.

This product is not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation and is not guaranteed by BDO Unibank, Inc.

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