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BDO Nomura provides Global Research
As the foundation for its securities business, the strength of BDO Nomura's global research lies in its detailed, in-depth analyses and forward-looking insights. Nomura's scope of research is exceptionally broad, covering the GDP of 40 countries and regions, 31 currencies, and stocks of companies included in the world's major stock price indexes in Japan, the Americas, Europe, and Asia except Japan. The breadth of this research allows us to cover 90% of global economic and financial indicators.

In Nomura equity research, the research professionals now cover 290 stocks in the United States, focusing on such major sectors as Finance, Technology, Consumer Goods and Services, and the Internet. Nomura also cover just under 1,200 stocks in Asia including Japan as well as over 400 stocks in Europe. The findings of our macroeconomic and individual stock research are also used to inform Japanese individual investors who are diversifying their portfolios globally (as of March 2016).

The strengths of Nomura's research are:

  • ability to make investment judgments and recommendations on core themes based on exchanges of opinions among sector specialists
  • insights into technology in peripheral industries
  • provide timely forecasts of upcoming changes and future directions based on economic data and market trends reports on investment opportunities by character of each region