Car Insurance


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Car Insurance

Financial protection when your car gets damaged or stolen.


Acts of Nature

Pay for damages caused by floods, typhoons, earthquakes, and other calamities that are out of your control.

No Monthly Depreciation

We are more considerate with depreciation—we apply yearly rates, not monthly. We even waive depreciation (car parts replacement) for cars under 5 years old.

24/7 On-the-road Assistance

Car broke down in the middle of nowhere? Or do you need emergency assistance? As long as you are on the road, we got your back with our 24/7 hotline (02) 8 459-4734 ready to help you anytime, anywhere.


Product Details

                              Price                                                        Based on your car's market value ______________________________________________________________________________________

                           Duration                                                                      12 Months                      

                           Insurable                                                               Private-use only

                                                                                                           Sedan, AUV-SUV


Things to Know Before Buying

  1. Covers only sedan, SUV, and AUV used for private and personal reasons only. (Vehicles used for ride-sharing such as Grab, and commercial purposes are excluded).
  2. Insurance applies only to cars 10 years old and below.
  3. Accidents and emergencies are only covered if within the Philippines.
  4. Insurance applies the following 12:00 noon after you applied.
  5. You will not receive any coverage for any instance of drunk driving, or if driver (either you or someone driving your car) is under the influence of abusive drugs and substances.
    To know more about other policy exclusions, please contact us at +63 (2) 8838-2364 or email us at

Disclaimer: These are only general descriptions of the benefits of this insurance product. We encourage you to learn more on how it can help secure your finances. Specific conditions and terms and conditions in insurance policy will apply.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my car is damaged or destroyed while it is parked?

As long as it is an accident, we will cover for the repair or replacement of your car.

My car has pre-existing damage. Can I still get a Car Insurance?

Yes, but we will have to assess your car. Any damage done prior to getting our car insurance will not be covered.

Can I get Car Insurance for my Grab?

No, this policy is for privately-used cars only, but we can get you a different policy for your Grab. Contact us at +63 (2) 8838-2364 or email

My car is 10 years and 1 day-old. Is it still viable for insurance?

We will have to assess your car first and create an insurance plan that fits your needs.

How do I claim my money?

You just need to submit a few documents, and we will gladly help you settle them as quick as possible. Contact us at +63 (2) 8838-2364 or email and we will guide you through the process.



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