BDO protects you from ATM skimming

BDO protects you from ATM skimming.

Heard about ATM skimming? BDO takes a multi-phased approach in ensuring that your account is safe. Here are some helpful tips so you can take part in the prevention.


What is Skimming?

It is the illegal copying of information from the magnetic stripe of an ATM Debit Card, a Cash Card, or a Credit Card. Successful skimming requires both the card data and the PIN.

This usually happens in shops, restaurants, gas stations, and other establishments where we use our cards for payment.

How is it done?


At an ATM, skimmers use two devices:

  1. Dummy card reader attached to the machine’s original card slot
  2. Device that records the PIN which is either a mini camera or an ATM keypad overlay

Perpetrators usually loiter nearby and wait for the victims to use their cards. They will remove the skimming devices after use and copy the captured data into a blank card for account takeover.


Facts about BDO ATMs’ advanced anti-skimming program


Advanced Skimming Protection (ASP)
ASP is a security feature that is capable of detecting and stopping skimming devices:

A. Card Reader Design
A unique bezel design that is difficult to replace or replicate is installed in the card reader. Once skimming is detected, the bezel stops the reading of the card’s magnetic stripe.

B. PIN Security
PIN Pad Cover (PPC) and PIN Pad Inhibitor (PPI) both block PIN capture.


ATM Fraud Response Team
BDO has established a team of Fraud Analysts who are trained to mitigate losses due to skimming attacks.

Customer Care
BDO Contact Center is ready to accept skimming reports 24/7 through its hotline (02) 8631-8000.


Your Shared Responsibility as a Customer
How can you further prevent skimming from happening to you?

  1. Never share your ATM PIN with anyone.
  2. Cover the keypad when keying in your PIN at an ATM or point-of-sale (POS) terminal.
  3. When using an ATM, look out for the unusual such as a jutting card reader or a small camera that may seem out of place. Lift the keypad to ensure that there is no overlay.
  4. Do not entertain strangers offering assistance or distracting you while using the ATM.
  5. Transact only in safe areas.

Because your safety is our concern, we encourage you to use only BDO ATMs.