BDO Debit / Cash Card Safety Tips


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I prevent debit or cash card fraud?

  • Immediately nominate a Personal Identification Number (PIN) once your BDO ATM Debit or Cash Card is issued to you.
  • Sign at the signature panel of your BDO ATM Debit or Cash Card.
  • Do not use your birth date as ATM PIN.
  • Cover the PIN pad when keying-in your ATM PIN at an ATM or POS terminal.
  • Do not share your ATM PIN with anyone.
  • Regularly change your ATM PIN especially when using your Debit/Cash Card abroad.
  • Do not entertain strangers offering assistance or distracting you while using an ATM.
  • Make sure that you have your eyes on your Debit/Cash Card when paying for your purchases at any or our partner merchants, especially in restaurants and gasoline stations.
  • Update your contact information with your Branch of Account.


What should I do if I lose my BDO ATM Debit or Cash Card?

Call the BDO Customer Contact Center immediately, inform them that your card is lost or has been stolen, and request for card blocking.


If I notice any unauthorized ATM or POS transactions in my BDO Savings or Current Account, what should I do?

Call BDO Customer Contact Center immediately, inform them which transactions you are disputing, request for card blocking if necessary, and file a case for investigation.


What is Card Data Compromise?

Card Data Compromise is an event wherein card information may have been obtained by an unauthorized source through different schemes like card skimming.


What is Card Skimming?

Card skimming is the illegal copying of information from the magnetic stripe of an ATM Debit Card, a Cash Card or a Credit Card.

Card skimming can be perpetrated in retail merchants, restaurants, gas stations or anywhere that we use our BDO ATM Debit or Cash Card to pay for a product or service. A syndicate may recruit a staff to skim customers’ card details using a small, hand-held skimming device.

Card skimming may also be perpetrated at ATM by using a dummy card slot attached to the legitimate card slot of the machine capturing card data, and a pin hole camera that records keying-in of PIN.


What are the preventive measures implemented by BDO to combat card skimming?

BDO and other banks through the Megalink, Bancnet and Expressnet Inter-network Anti-Fraud Committee (AIFC) are constantly working together to prevent card fraud specifically card skimming affecting our cardholders, retailers, the financial services industry and society in general. Moreover, BDO has implemented security measures to counter any card skimming incidents. These include installation of PIN shields/cover, Fraud Device Inhibitors/Enhanced Card Bezel, security cameras, and monitoring of suspicious transactions, among others.


How can I keep my ATM PIN secure?

Your Personal Identification Number or PIN is the key to your BDO Savings/Current account or Cash Cards. You have to ensure at all times that it is not compromised.

  • Memorize your ATM PIN and never share it with anyone.
  • When keying-in your six-digit ATM PIN, make sure to cover the PIN pad with your hand so as not to be seen by anyone standing close by.
  • Do not write down your ATM PIN on the signature panel of your BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card or save it in your mobile phone without a security code or in any way that it can be easily discovered in case your phone is lost or stolen.


How often should I change my ATM PIN?

You can change your ATM PIN as many times as you want or as the need arises. When you use your BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card abroad, change your ATM PIN once you come back to the Philippines.


Why did BDO block my BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card?

BDO blocks your ATM Debit/Cash Card when you have previously used an ATM/ POS terminal which our Fraud Analysts have identified as a point-of-compromise (POC). Immediate card blocking is done to prevent any unauthorized use of compromised card data.


Will I be informed once my BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card is blocked?

Your Branch of Account will inform you if your card was blocked due to possible card data compromise via telephone call or email. Thus, we encourage you to update your contact information with your Branch of Account. Your Branch of Account cannot contact you to inform you of your card being blocked unless we have your current contact number.


What will happen to my BDO ATM Debit/ Cash Card which was blocked?

All blocked BDO ATM Debit/Cash Cards will no longer be usable. It will be replaced with a new card bearing a new card number.


Will I be charged for card replacement?

Card replacement is free of charge if it was blocked by BDO due to possible card data compromise.


Where can I get my new BDO ATM Debit/Cash Card?

You may claim your new BDO ATM Card/Cash Card with your issuing Branch or Branch of Account. For payroll Cash Cards, delivery depends on the arrangement with your Payroll Company. If you are currently abroad, please call your Branch of Account for the delivery of your Card and ATM PIN mailer.


What type of card will be issued to me?

A generic ATM Debit/Cash Card will be issued to you to allow you access your account immediately. However, if you wish to have a personalized card and willing to wait for three (3) to five (5) banking days, your Branch of Account will gladly accommodate such request.

Will I be allowed to make over-the-counter withdrawals if my BDO ATM Debit Card was blocked?

Yes. You can perform over-the-counter withdrawals at any BDO Branch if your BDO ATM Card was blocked, free of charge.


Is there a team handling complaints on fraudulent transactions?

Yes, we have a team of Fraud Analysts trained to investigate fraudulent transactions. We also have a team of Customer Service Officers ready to accept your concerns, complaints and inquiries via a 24/7 Hotline: (+632) 702 7877.