Terms and Conditions

  1. I hereby expressly authorize BDO’s unit-in-charge of implementing collection from enrolled cardholder, to automatically debit from time to time, without need of any further act and deed, from my enrolled debit account, the amount/s due to my payee as described in the collection instruction billing file as may be transmitted by my payee to BDO from time to time. Amounts debited from my enrolled debit account will be automatically applied to the payment of the amount due to enrolled payee.
    It is agreed and understood that in case the cleared and withdrawable balance of my enrolled debit account be insufficient to pay in full the total amount due to the enrolled payee, BDO shall not effect partial payment thereof out of the insufficient balance of my enrolled debit account and applicable ADA fee for every unsuccessful debitor deduction shall be imposed to the credit card account due to insufficient balance.

  2. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to report to BDO through the Customer Contact Center in case of discrepancy or unauthorized debit in relation to the implementation of the ADA. Any claim which may arise from any discrepancy between the amount debited from my enrolled debit account and that stated in enrolled payee's collection instruction/billing file shall be resolved with enrolled payee and in accordance with existing policies of BDO. For information on BDO Customer Assistance Mechanism, please visit

  3. I hereby agree and understand that applicable fees and charges shall be imposed if payment option has changed from full to minimum and if the total outstanding balance is not settled on or before the statement due date. Payments for past due or overdue accounts shall be made directly to the collection offices of enrolled payee. I hereby waive a separate notice of debit other than that reflected in BDO’s passbook or bank statement.

  4. I hereby waive a separate notice of debit other than that reflected in BDO’s passbook or bank statement.

  5. I hereby agree to hold BDO, its stockholders, directors, officers, employees and representatives free and harmless, as well as indemnify them, from any and all liabilities, claims, losses, damages and suits of whatever nature arising out of or in connection with the availment and implementation of the ADA , including but not limited to:

    1. Checks drawn against my enrolled debit account but returned/dishonored as a result of the debit of the amount/s due to enrolled payee from my enrolled debit account/s;

    2. Disruption, failure, error or delay in the implementation of the authority due to (i) circumstances beyond the control of BDO such as, but not limited to, prolonged power outages, computer breakdown, computer-related errors, problems related to computer hardware and/or software (including bugs), (ii) fortuitous events, such as, but not limited to, calamities, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and other similar or related cases, (iii) causes which are attributable to a third party service provider, (iv) error/s and/or omissions inadvertently committed by BDO, or (v) garnishment, execution, hold-out and similar restrictions on the enrolled debit account;

    3. Unauthorized or fraudulent enrollment, use of, and transactions on my enrolled debit account/s; and

    4. My failure to comply with the terms and conditions herein setforth.

  6. I hereby expressly waive my rights under the Secrecy of Bank Deposits Law (R.A. 1405) in connection with any information which may be disclosed by BDO for the implementation of this ADA.

  7. BDO reserves the right to impose or revise the fees and charges on this arrangement, with prior notification of at least ninety (90) calendar days before imposition of such fees and charges.

  8. This ADA shall be governed by all applicable rules and regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Philippine Clearing House Corporation, other relevant government agency, and applicable provisions of law.

  9. All terms and conditions of my debit account and credit card account agreement/s with BDO in so far as consistent herewith shall remain in full force and effect.

  10. This ADA shall take effect on due date after the date of enrollment provided that enrollment is made seven (7) working days prior due date. Otherwise, ADA shall take effect the next due date. The ADA facility shall continue to be effective unless otherwise notified by me to BDO at least seven (7) days prior to intended date of termination. BDO however, may immediately terminate this agreement/my ADA enrollment without notice to me, in case I mishandle my enrolled account in the reasonable determination of BDO, or for other reasonable grounds as determined by BDO.

  11. I understand that any changes or modification in my debit account in relation to ADA shall be requested/applied by me via Online Banking or my Branch of account.

  12. This ADA and the implementation of the terms hereof shall be subject to BDO’s Implementing Guidelines, which are deemed incorporated herein by way of reference.

  13. In case new replacement BDO Credit Card is issued in lieu of a lost/stolen/damaged BDO Credit Card, due to Credit Card upgrade/downgrade, or for any reason, ADA enrollment of the new Credit Card shall be requested/ applied by me via online enrollment or thru the Branch of account, and subject to submission by me of new ADA enrollment form.

  14. Enrolled Credit Card accounts incurring three (3) consecutive rejected ADA transactions shall be automatically dis-enrolled by BDO from the ADA facility, and BDO shall have the absolute discretion to allow or reject re-enrollment request on previously auto-dis-enrolled Credit Card account/s.

  15. In case payment due date falls on a Saturday or Sunday or a holiday, I agree to fund my enrolled debit account at least one (1) banking day prior to payment due date, with amount sufficient to cover the payment due.

  16. I agree that auto-debit payments will be posted to enrolled Credit Card account on actual payment date. Such payment becomes part of the Credit Card account's available balance once payment is posted.