Advisory on Transactions for BDO UITFs


The following BDO UITFs (Unit Investment Trust Funds) are available for admission and redemption with an earlier fund cut-off* while under any form of community quarantine or until further notice.


  Fund Cut-Off
BDO Peso Money Market Fund
BDO Institutional Cash Reserve Fund
BDO Dollar Money Market Fund
11:30 am

BDO Short Term Fund

All BDO Peso and USD-denominated fixed income funds

All BDO balanced and equity funds

All BDO Global Feeder Funds

12:00 nn


These apply for transactions via BDO Branches and BDO Invest Online.


Thank you for your continued trust and business.


* Effective since March 18, 2020 except for the BDO balanced and equity funds which was made effective since March 19, 2020.