Advisory for BDO Cash Card customers

The Anti-Money Laundering Act (Republic Act 9160) requires the updating of bank customers’ information every three years. This law covers BDO Cash Card customers. 


Here’s how you can update your information:


If your BDO Cash Card was issued by a branch

  1. Go to the BDO branch where you got your Cash Card.
  2. Request a Cash Card Enrollment Form and completely fill it out. Alternatively, you may download the form here, print and fill it out, then bring it to the branch. 
  3. Submit the filled-out form and present one Philippine government-issued ID (or any 2 non-Philippine government-issued ID) which should have your photo and signature.

If, for some reason, you can’t visit the BDO branch where you got your BDO Cash Card, you may visit the BDO branch nearest you. This branch will accept your filled-out form and will forward it to your actual branch, who will then update your customer information. 


If your BDO Cash Card was issued by the company you work for

Coordinate directly with your company’s HR department. 


If your Cash Card was issued by a remittance partner

For remitters – Coordinate directly with your Remittance tie-up partner.

For beneficiaries – Coordinate with your remitter.