Additional BDO Credit Card

For the things you need, there is a BDO Credit Card!


BDO is the only bank in the country that issues six (6) credit card brands namely Mastercard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay, Diners Club and American Express. With a wide array of credit cards you’ll surely find other options that suit your varying needs and spending style.


Explore what other BDO Credit Card brands have to offer. Apply for an ADDITIONAL BDO Credit Card now to enjoy exclusive perks and privileges. Application is guaranteed fast and easy!



  • The additional credit card will share the credit limit of your existing BDO Credit Card and will be subject to monthly or annual membership fee. However, you can enjoy automatic annual membership fee waiver for a minimum required spend for select BDO Credit Cards.

  • You can control and monitor your spending with a separate Statement of Account per credit card.

  • To fully maximize the benefits offered by BDO Credit Cards, choose a different credit card brand for your additional application