Safety Tips

Prevent Cash Card Fraud!

  • Nominate a Personal Identification Number (PIN) as soon as your receive your BDO Cash Card.
  • Sign at the signature panel at the back of your card.
  • Do not use your birth date as ATM PIN.
  • Cover the PIN pad when keying-in your ATM PIN at an ATM or POS terminals.
  • Keep your ATM PIN confidential.
  • Regularly change your ATM PIN especially when using your Cash Card.
  • Do not entertain strangers offering assistance while using an ATM.
  • Keep your eyes on your Cash Card when paying for your purchases.
  • Update your contact information with your Branch of Account.
  • Transact only in well-lighted or safe areas with ATM.


If your card is lost or stolen, report the incident immediately to BDO.