UITF Advisory

BDO UITF Advisory


From Jan 14 to Jan 31, 2022, all Peso-denominated BDO equity and balanced UITFs will have an earlier fund cut-off time of 12:00NN due to shortened PSE trading hours in view of the surge in COVID-19 cases. Kindly refer to the table below for the BDO UITFs’ fund cut-off time.  Please plan your transactions accordingly.


  Fund cut-off
from Jan 14 to Jan 31
BDO Peso Money Market Fund
BDO Dollar Money Market Fund
BDO Institutional Cash Reserve Fund
11:30 AM
All BDO Peso-denominated equity and balanced funds 12:00 NN
BDO Short Term Fund
BDO Peso Bond Fund
BDO Medium Term Dollar Bond Fund
2:30 PM
All BDO Global Feeder Funds 2:30 PM



For any questions, please contact us at trustcustomercare@bdo.com.ph