Starting November 3, 2020, we will be offering LOWER interest rates and cash advance fee for your BDO Credit Card and BDO-issued American Express Card!


As we aim to help you lighten your load during these challenging times, we will be implementing the following rates and fee changes.


2% per month

The new 2% Monthly Effective Interest Rate will apply to all transactions not paid in full.

Not applicable to The American Express® Green Card, The American Express® Gold Card, and The Platinum Card®.


Maximum of 1% per month

Make payments easier on the pocket when you avail of EasyPay Regular Installment, EasyPay Balance Transfer, EasyPay Cash Out, EasyPay Convert, Balance Convert, Cash-It-Easy or BDO Installment Card cash availment.

Old rates will apply to transactions availed prior to November 3, 2020.


P200 per transaction

For your essentials and emergency needs, easily get cash up to 30% of your Credit Limit.




Cash Advance availment may be processed at select BDO branches nationwide or any BDO affiliated ATMs.

Rates are subject to 6 months review by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

In compliance with BSP Circular No. 1098.

BDO Unibank, Inc. is regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Email: